The Turtle That Fell From The Sky

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  1. Got Any Grapes?: Reading Thomas King’s The Back of the Turtle
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  4. This turtle fell from the sky in Biloxi, MS. Any idea what it is? : turtle
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He made rainbows and soft rains. Bad Mind watched his brother creating beauty and was envious. He put dangerous rapids in the rivers, created destructive hurricanes and powerful tornadoes. When Good Mind returned to find that all of his creatures were gone he was very sad. A tiny mouse told him what his brother had done, so Good Mind went to the cave and caused the mountain to shake until it split so that the animals could emerge.

Good Mind was very angry with his brother and they fought. Bad Mind used an arrow and Good Mind used a deer antler as weapons.

Got Any Grapes?: Reading Thomas King’s The Back of the Turtle

When Good Mind struck Bad Mind with the deer antler it caused flint chips to fall from his body. Their battle raged for many days and finally Good Mind won. He banished Bad Mind to live in caves beneath the earth where he waits to return to the surface. Iroquois Creation Story 2. But, up above , there was a place called Karonhia:ke or The Sky World. Now, in The Sky World there were beings who were in some ways like human beings and in some ways they were different.

The beings in Sky World had more powers than human beings have. For instance, they could make things happen just by thinking about it.

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It was called the Tree of Life. Genesis 2. Also, there were blossoms on that tree and those blossoms glowed. They lit up Sky World. But one day, a woman who was expecting a baby, asked for a drink of tea made from the roots of the Tree of Life. When her husband started to dig around near the bottom of the tree to get at the roots, the dirt caved in and some say that the tree fell down.

This was terrible. The woman went to see what had happened.

Moral Stories - The turtle that fell of the stick!

Some say that she lost her balance and fell into the hole. Some say that she knew she was destined to go through that hole and so she jumped. Some say that she was pushed. Nevertheless, she grabbed some seeds from the Tree of Life as she fell. Because she fell through the hole in the sky, many people refer to her as Sky Woman. Some say they were geese. Some say they were blue heron.

Some say they were swans. One of them [water birds] looked and up and saw Sky Woman falling. He spoke to the other birds and they decided to make a great blanket with their bodies and catch her on their backs. They caught her.

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A giant turtle said that they could put her on his back. That is the reason some people call this place where we live, Turtle Island [i. One by one, the animals dove down to try to get dirt from under the water. Finally, some say it was the muskrat. Some say that it was the otter. But finally, one creature [which? She placed the dirt on the back of the turtle. She stood up. She dropped the seeds from the Tree of Life and they started to grow right away. When she finished dancing and singing, there was land and plant life as far as she could see. The baby girl grew up. She was told not to walk toward the west, but one day, the daughter started to walk toward the west.

As soon as she did so, a wind started to blow from the west and a cloud started to move toward the daughter. The daughter saw the outline of a male-being in the cloud. The daughter fainted. When she woke up, she found two crossed arrows lying on top of her stomach. She had become the bride of the Spirit of the West Wind. They buried their mother and from her head grew corn, beans and squash.

9 People Killed By Unexpected Things That Fell From The Sky

Those are the staple foods of the traditional Haudenosaunee [Iroquois] diet. They are called The Three Sisters. From her heart grew sacred tobacco which is used when there is a desire to communicate with the Creator. From her feet grew the wild strawberry which is known as The Big Medicine.

This turtle fell from the sky in Biloxi, MS. Any idea what it is? : turtle

Even in her death, the mother of the two boys was still making sure that they had what they needed to survive. She is called Mother Earth and to this day she still supports all of the people, animals and plants. The left-handed twin became the keeper of the night and the right-handed twin became the keeper of the day. When they were done making their creations, everything was in perfect balance. She is still there.

She is called Grandmother Moon.

The Woman Who Fell from the Sky Lyrics

She reflects light at night. She helps the people keep track of time [as in "moons" for "months"]. She controls the rise and fall of the waters. She keeps company with the stars and the left-handed twin, the keeper of the night. She regulates the monthly cycles of all of the female life which guarantees that new life will be born.


She is the leader of all the female life. They are supposed to be the caretakers [cf. To submit a review, please read our Contributor Guidelines. The Green Student Student writing from across the country.

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