Did God Write The Bible?

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Because they have equated it with God. Many Christians, knowingly or unknowingly, worship the Bible. It has unknowingly become their idol, and the idea that the Bible might have a tiny error in it is as blasphemous to them as saying that God makes mistakes. God does not make mistakes.

God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is not confined to or limited by our finite understanding of who God is. Nor is God confined to any writings, no matter how great and how inspired.

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God is not confined to written or spoken human language. Humans, on the other hand, even when given a spiritual truth or revelation, can only process it through our own finite mental and spiritual understanding.

God inspired the writers of the Bible, but author it, God did not. A present day example of this distinction: I visited a church where the pastor preached an inspired sermon. He was passionate about living for God, and his relationship with God was not questionable.

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He claimed God gave him his sermon, and I believe him. Yet, perhaps due to his level of education, his sermon did have a couple of errors. Still God is using him, just as God amazingly chooses to work through such imperfect children as you and me! The book we know as the Bible is actually not one book but a compilation of 66 different inspired writings , written in several different genres by many different authors over a span of many centuries. Some of these writings are personal letters. Others are books of poetry, or allegory, or law, or history, or prophecy. The Biblical writers, just as writers today, wrote to and within the confines of the cultures of which they were a part.

I have heard many Christians proclaim emphatically that the Scripture needs no interpretation, that it speaks for itself. As humans, however, there is no such thing as reading anything the newspaper, the Bible, this blog. We all read through the eyes and ears of our own education and experience. Most of us developed our own interpretations from those of our spiritual leaders past and present pastors, teachers, parents, spouse. All of us interpret, but not always responsibly. A most complete interpretation of each individual book of the Bible involves several questions, like:.

Who wrote it? When was it written? For what purpose was it written? To whom was it written? Who was its intended audience? What genre is it? What was the culture in which the author lived? What did the words mean in their original language? If you have ever mastered a second language, you know that translation is definitely not an exact science. How would the original readers have understood it?

The Bible is powerful, and God can use it to speak to anyone. Our spiritual teachers and leaders, however, should pay attention to these questions.

First, a chart for the visual learners:

One of the most widespread errors in interpretation is thinking the Bible was written primarily as a rule book for our 21 st century American lives. Certainly parts of it are applicable to teaching us how to live, but the Bible was not written primarily as a book of rules for life in the 21st century or any century. None of the Biblical writers anticipated that their writings would be read, and basically worshipped, thousands of years later on the other side of the earth! They wrote for a specific audience and a specific purpose.

If, however, we read it with intelligence and responsibility, its most profound truths are timeless, as is God, and these truths can indeed be the structure upon which we build our Christian lives. The foundation, however, should be Christ alone. Those who think just like I do vs. Now, I have personally found these words completely useless in any meaningful discussion, because every person I have ever heard use them has his own definition of exactly what they mean.

His prayer was that we would be one. If we are His children, we are all in the sheepfold, although no two of us will see things exactly the same.

Why You Can Believe the Bible

Am I attempting to discredit the Bible or prove it invalid? I revere, treasure, and cherish the Bible. I read and study it with diligence, and it molds and shapes my life. Yet I do not worship the Bible. Lewis, and Billy Graham.

God alone is perfect and worthy of worship. In my opinion the many discrepancies in the Bible serve to reinforce its validity, not detract from it. The fact that different writers tell different versions of the same story, with all the most important details in unison with each other, adds much more validity than if they all told it in the exact same words.

Do any two witnesses have exactly the same interpretation of an event? Think of a car accident for example.


How Can the Bible be Infallible When It Was Written by Fallible Men?

Everyone is caught up in the moment, seeing things from their own perspective, and should they 30 years later decide to write their memory of it, there would surely be discrepancies. Yet collectively they would preserve and validate the reality of the event. Some are probably copy errors made by the scribes. Others are translation errors. Others are just educated guesses from conflicting documents about which is closer to the original of which by the way none exist to us.

It is certainly possible for a man to write an inerrant and infallible book. It is likely that some Math textbooks out there are infallible books written by fallible people. Despite being a sinner, I am capable of writing something that does not contain mistakes. In the same way, the authors of the Bible could have written their respective works without error. Furthermore, God has done in the Bible something no other holy book has ever dared to do. He based its credibility upon His ability to tell the future with one hundred percent accuracy.

More than one-fourth of the Bible was prophetic when it was written. No other holy book comes close in this regard. In fact, most of these books contain no prophecies at all! The Bible sets the standard very high.

Who wrote the Bible? | purlionililas.ml

Deuteronomy —22 states that if a prophet ever made a prediction that failed then he was not speaking for God. Some view this as being a convenient way for Bible believers to excuse any possible mistakes; however, much more is at stake. Since the Bible contains so many prophecies claiming to be from God, it only takes one failed prophecy to discredit the book. If Isaiah, while claiming to speak for God, made a mistake in any of his prophetic statements, then he did not speak for God and the rest of his writing is suspect.

Matthew ; Romans God placed His reputation on the line by allowing fallible men to write His infallible Word but He has been faithful to keep it free from error. The Bible has been scrutinized, criticized, and attacked for centuries, and it has withstood every assault. It is unique in every way. More importantly, it is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God. There is so much more that can be said about the doctrine of inerrancy, but this post is merely designed to address the question of how fallible men could write an infallible book.

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