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The Scorned

Under the administration of George W. Bush, science in policy had already taken knocks from both neglect and ideology. US citizens face economic problems that are all too real, and the country's future crucially depends on education, science and technology as it faces increasing competition from China and other emerging science powers. Last month's recall of hundreds of millions of US eggs because of the risk of salmonella poisoning, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, are timely reminders of why the US government needs to serve the people better by developing and enforcing improved science-based regulations.

Yet the public often buys into anti-science, anti-regulation agendas that are orchestrated by business interests and their sponsored think tanks and front groups.

In the current poisoned political atmosphere, the defenders of science have few easy remedies. Reassuringly, polls continue to show that the overwhelming majority of the US public sees science as a force for good, and the anti-science rumblings may be ephemeral.

As educators, scientists should redouble their efforts to promote rationalism, scholarship and critical thought among the young, and engage with both the media and politicians to help illuminate the pressing science-based issues of our time. Reprints and Permissions. Science scorned. Nature , doi Download citation. Science Communication Sports Medicine Journal of Communication Karen Australian.

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Veena Indian. How to say scorned in sign language? Milton Friedman : Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned. William Congreve : Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. Popularity rank by frequency of use scorned Select another language:. Powered by CITE.

The Scorned - Wikipedia

Are we missing a good definition for scorned? This, of course, enrages Raina's ghost , and she disposes of the "cheaters" through the creative means of a staircase DQ Fairplay , pulling them into the earth Angie Morasca , and even through an explosive lava lamp Seth Lehmkuhl and Jennifer Cooley. While the survivors — including the leading couple, Kirsten Lewis and Oliver Hill — desperately try to figure out what's happening, they soon find themselves dealing with an eccentric named Murry Zohn who uses their property to "communicate with Raina's spirit.

Soon, Kirsten and Oliver find themselves caught between two stories — one from Matt, and another from the slightly volatile Nichola.

Through both stories, it can be surmised that, immediately following the accident, Matt told Nichola to flee to Mexico , promising to come rescue her once the entire problem was resolved. When the police arrived, however, Matt told them that Nichola had inflicted the wound on Raina, and that she had stolen quite a good deal of property. Thus, Nichola was stranded in Mexico and had taken the entire rap for the accident.

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Angry, she sneaks back over the border to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Kirsten realizes that she has been acting quite strangely, and feels a strange connection to Raina. Murry explains that this is not demonic possession , as it may appear, but Raina is merely making Kirsten feel what she feels. This leads to several instances of Kirsten acting quite strangely.

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For example, when Nichola tries to explain to the couple her side of the story, an enraged Kirsten blows up on her, and the two scuffle. Also, she has a vision of killing her ex-boyfriend Oliver, as he long ago allegedly cheated on her.

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This connection is vital to the storyline, as it compels Kirsten and Oliver to solve this problem, not retreat from it. Kirsten and Oliver learn that Raina did not actually die, but is in a coma in a nearby hospital. Soon only Matt, Kirsten, and Oliver remain in the mystery — as the other characters met certain doom Matt kills Murray after he confronts him; and Nichola gets dragged by Raina's spirit into the pool — and it is at this point that Raina wakes up. Disoriented, she staggers for the beach house for the final confrontation.